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Looking for Currency Exchange Services

Why Choose Us?

Customer Satisfaction - Core Business Goal

For achieving it, we provide door step services to our clients by giving them the convenience of buying and selling foreign exchange at any place whether it be home or office and at the most effective rates (T&C apply).

Commitment and Transparency

What makes us different is our commitment and transparency that will assist you for your currency needs. Our team never leaves any stone unturned to convert a one time customer to a life time client.

Forex Seekers Secure & Best Choice

We believe in creating TRUST. We are the most secure choice for all your forex, money transfer and financial product needs. Our expert staff checks all currency notes for genuineness with their knowledge & latest machines/scanners.

About Us

Mark Forex hub is a full-fledged money changer (FFMC) that has started working in forex industry with the vision to serve their clients with consistent satisfaction in the field of money exchange. The goal of our company is to provide the best possible proposals to anyone who is interested in either purchasing, selling or transferring foreign currencies at the competitive prices.

By opting for the services of Mark forex Hub, you can get an all in one trustworthy solution for all your forex needs in one place. We have a team of professional experts who help in dealing with currencies, providing prepaid forex cards, foreign education fee payment and transferring money for family maintenance etc. It will help you to save time on checking forex rates with banks and other money changers.

Looking for Foreign Currency

Prepaid Multi Currency Forex Card

Pay international tuition fees with a money transfer (through it's strategic tie ups)

Immigration & Family Maintenance Fund Transfer Abroad (through it's strategic tie ups)

Mark Forex Hub

Full-Fledged Money Changers

Who We Are

Mark Forex Hub is a Private Limited Company incorporated in 2015 and is registered under Registrar of Companies, Delhi. It is a Full Fledged Money Changer (FFMC) authorized by The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to deal in Purchase and Sale of Foreign Currency and Multi-Currency Travel Cards for a hassle-free travel abroad.

Our Branches

Operating with two branches in Delhi & Gurugram & backed by hard working team of experts with professional experience of more than two decades in the forex industry, we can provide you with the best of the expected deals in the market. Since our inception, we have grown marvelously to become a leading forex service provider.


  • 7 days working from 10 am to 9 pm.
  • Best customer services at your doorstep (T&C apply).
  • Best in market forex rates.
  • One place for all your forex needs.
  • Transparency with our customer in every deal.
  • Safe Choice.

Choose your desired Currency and Amount

Enter your details and choose your mode of delivery and make online payment after confirmation from the store. Whether you buy the forex online or at any of the Mark Forex hub branches, you will be given a receipt of forex order completion at the blocked rate.

Mark Forex Hub is India’s driving Forex specialist. Our broad expertise and ability to deal in Foreign Exchange, and our global class client administration offers voyagers a triumphant mix.

Best Exchange Rates



These cards can be used anywhere in the world other than India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

These cards can be reloaded for more value within short span of time.

All the cards are valid for a period of 3-4 years

Cards usage statement can be accessed online for free of cost. Every cardholder is provided with a unique id and password that they can use from anywhere to access their card details.

If there is any balance amount in the card then it can be encashed on the return or can be saved & used for future travels.

If in case the card is lost, emergency replacement of card is also given in kit.


Currency Exchange Services

At Mark Forex Hub, we sell and purchase all tradeable currencies for customers traveling for any purpose whether its education, business, leisure, immigration, medical treatment etc. We strictly follow the rules & regulations stated under RBI guidelines and are always moving according to the FEMA Act. With Mark Forex Hub, customers can benefit themselves with the best services guideline for destination currencies in the market and that too with the convenience of faster delivery through our network of branches. Our company provides services to both retail as well as wholesale foreign currency customer needs.

Mark Forex Hub

Provides (through its strategic tie-ups) –

Overseas Mediclaim Policy- So cover yourself for all your worries when you travel.
International Sim Cards-  Available in postpaid and prepaid for all countries.

Multi-Currency Travel Cards

At Mark Forex Hub, we have always believed in being dynamic by adapting with the latest technology to provide the best in market services to our customers. With the introduction of the multi-currency travel card, long gone are those days when you have to purchase different forex cards if you are traveling to more than one country.

Our company has tie-ups with different Banks to promote & sell prepaid travel card products which are available in various currencies of major countries like the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, UAE Dirham, Great Britain Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar etc. With the acceptance at over 10 million Visa Electronic Merchant shopping establishments, in addition to providing access to local currency through 8,00,000 self-owned and affiliated ATMs worldwide, our cards operate on VISA platform making it feasible for our customers to use.


Ravinder Dhingra

Ravinder Dhingra


Experience of more than 42 Years

Chaitanya Dhingra

Chaitanya Dhingra


Experience of more than 20 Years

Tanveer Alam

Tanveer Alam


Experience of more than 14 Years

Have a question?

You can reserve forex from an authorized dealer, banks and full-fledged money changers. You can simply walk into any of the Mark Forex Hub branches that are conveniently located in Delhi and Gurugram. Present your valid travel documents as per RBI guidelines and reserve the amount of forex you require. You can even reserve forex online on our website.

Yes, you can reserve forex online from Mark Forex Hub. Log on to our website and click on ‘Reserve Foreign Exchange’. Enter the currency details, your details and make the payment to reserve forex. You can choose to pick up your forex at your Mark Forex Hub nearest branch or arrange to have it delivered to your doorstep at no extra charge.

You will need the following documents to reserve forex from Mark Forex Hub:

  • Valid Passport and PAN Card
  • Airline Ticket and Visa
  • Basic Travel Quota Form (BTQF) and LRS Form

If you are a foreign national residing in India, you must also submit your Residence Permit in addition to all the documents listed above. If you’re traveling abroad for business, you will need to submit a LERMS letter printed on your company’s letterhead in addition to the three documents listed above and complete company KYC beforehand.

You can buy foreign exchange worth up to Rs 49,999/-. If your foreign currency exceeds the equivalent of Rs 49,999/-, then you have the following options to pay for your forex:

  • Net Banking
  • Pay Order
  • Banker’s Cheque
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Crossed Cheque

The currency will be issued after clearance of funds.

When you reserve foreign exchange from Mark Forex Hub, you can choose to receive your foreign currency in the following formats:

  • Multi-Currency Card
  • Cash / Currency Notes (within prescribed limits)

Reserving forex with Mark Forex Hub is as easy as it gets. To reserve forex offline, simply visit a Mark Forex Hub branch nearest to you with valid documents. You can log on to our website to buy currency online and follow these simple steps:

  • Choose your desired currency and amount
  • Enter your details and choose your mode of delivery
  • Make online payment after confirmation from store

Whether you reserve the forex online or at any of the Mark Forex Hub branches, you will be given a receipt of forex order completion at the blocked rate.





Hong Kong

Must Visit – Disneyland, Ocean Park, Madame Tussauds Museum
Cost of Cab – Average Ride – 10–15 Kms – HKD 80-HKD 120
Cost of 1 ltr water bottle – HKD 4
Meal for two people – Average Cost – HKD 80-HKD 100
Indian Vegetarian Food available – At a specific place
Contact Details of Indian Consulate in Hong Kong –
Language widely spoken – 1st Chinese, 2nd English

New York

Must Visit – Niagara Falls, Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, Madame Tussauds Museum, Central Park, Empire State Building, Theatre District – Times Square, Coney Island
Cost of Cab – Average Ride – 10–15 Kms – USD 20-USD 30
Cost of 1 ltr water bottle – USD 1
Meal for two people – Average Cost – USD 40-USD 50
Indian Vegetarian Food available – At a specific place
Contact Details of Indian Consulate in US
Language widely spoken – 1st English, 2nd Spanish


Must Visit – Bali, Bangkok, Temple of Emerald Buddha, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket, Patong, Wat Arun Ratchawararam
Cost of Cab – Average Ride – 10–15 Kms – Baht 100 – Baht 130
Cost of 1 ltr water bottle – Baht 9 – Baht 12
Meal for two people – Average Cost – Baht 140-Baht 160
Indian Vegetarian Food available – Easily Available
Contact Details of Indian Consulate in Thailand –
Language widely spoken – 1st Thai, 2nd English


Must Visit – Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios, Merlion, Night Safari
Cost of Cab – Average Ride – 10–15 Kms – SGD 10 – SGD
Cost of 1 ltr water bottle – SGD 4 – SGD 6
Meal for two people – Average Cost – SGD 75-SGD 120
Indian Vegetarian Food available – Easily Available
Contact Details of Indian Consulate in Singapore –
Language widely spoken – 1st English, 2nd Mandarin

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